• Poster design

    Combining the elements of colour, space, typography and texture in perfect harmony and composition is all it takes to create a great poster … simple huh? 

    Though it can be a graphic artist's playground, poster design is also a challenge and a half to get right. There are a few works, the 'Anatomy of a Murder' poster by Saul Bass for example, or Paul Rand's 'Eye Bee M', that will always (and quite rightly) feature in 'great poster design' lists, but we've had a sift through advertising, gig, gallery and movie posters of the last 50 or 60 years and here's a few that get our vote (those undated are contemporary)….whaddyareckon? 

    Kenji Itoh 1961


    Jon Wong




    Adrian Walsh


    Victor Brauner - Exhibition Poster 1963


    Gig poster by Imprenta Chimango 


    Donald Brun - Gas Cooks Quickly Ad 1958/59 


    Witold Janawski 'Troje i Las' film poster 1961


    Gig Poster by Bill Bragg 

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