• Midcentury Modern Show

    We had our very first stand at the prestigious Midcentury Modern Show in Dulwich last Sunday. Despite the rather painful early start (4AM - ouch) and a long drive East we had a blooming lovely day. Vintage and modern wares were mouthwateringly beautiful and had we not had stern words with ourselves beforehand our profit may well have been blown on any number of gorgeous things.

    Our fellow exhibitors were super-friendly (not to mention very understanding of our sleep deprived ramblings) and, happily, the onsite coffee was good and strong. 

    The Christison building at Dulwich College was the perfect backdrop to view midcentury loveliness with huge panelled windows, a vaulted concrete ceiling and elegant modernist chandeliers (which Kate managed to resist the urge to swing off Adam Ant style).

    Hats off to Lucy Ryder-Richardson and Petra Curtis at Modern Shows for a superbly orchestrated show and for their tireless upbeat energy on the day. We'd do it again in a heartbeat. Below are some snaps.

    If photos had audio this would be unprintable. "Get in the ****ing van, I haven't got my slap on yet…"


    Lipstick on (just Kate - Richard declined), caffeined up and on the road …


    We arrive, greeted by the lovely Lucy from Galapagos. Our sunny space is marked out in the foreground…


    After a wee bit of head scratching and a lot more coffee we have a stand!


    Our stand (note Kate rambling nonsense to a captive/trapped audience in the background).


    Overview of the wonderful Christison Hall with added vintage gorgeousness. 

    And below a few shots from the Mid Century ground floor…

     And back on the first floor ... 

    Our Rainy Day sideboard fresh from studio completion the day before (we needed summat to put our Demijohn lamps on!).


    Sundown Tables (shout out to MissPrint!).


    Manhattan Garden demijohn lamp.


    Our Cactus Chairs looking very inviting (we resisted the urge to sit on 'em til about 3pm for fear we wouldn't get up again…)


    Jo and Mirka from &New…elegant powder coated steel and wood furniture in amazing pop colours.


    More from &New.


    Our current fave chair at Galapagos, covered in Ella Doran fabric. Check out the beech armrests and orange piping…mmmmm.


    A wee snippet of Rachel Powell's poptastic stand. Fantastic surface designer and all round lovely lady to boot…


    Admiring the natty handiwork of the rather wonderful Lisa Bliss - although it looks like Kate was trying to nick something, she wasn't. Honest.


    Exquisite lighting and ceramic wares by the very talented Kathleen Hills.


    Mr and Mrs Humblesticks - in full shopkeeper casual lean mode, nearing the end of a long day.

    Thanks for having us Modern Shows.


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