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    I love books. I love the stillness and invisibility of getting lost in a good book - whisked away from here to another reality inside. But I also love what's on the outside: a good book cover is a wonderful thing. I could continue to waffle in a rather flowery and over-earnest DH Lawrence tone here about what qualifies as good cover art, but the modern champion of this (and far more eloquent) Peter Mendelsund describes his occupation perfectly and, for me, nails, what makes him a really good cover artist… 

    "Though most designers define themselves and their worth, in terms of visual accomplishment, I've always looked on my job as an exercise to read deeply; an opportunity to disassemble the clockwork which animates whichever particular text I happen to be working on a jacket for. So though it says designer on my tax returns, I think of myself primarily as a reader…"

    So, I've picked a few of my favourite book covers beginning with the heavyweights of yesteryear - from Paul Rand to Edward Gorey - and finishing with todays graphic design superstars - Peter Mendelsund to Elena Giavaldi.

    And, for the record, you can judge a book by its cover… enjoy!

    Paul Rand - 'The Bathtub Hoax' by H.L Mencken


    Mario Dagrada - 'Malgudi' by R.K.Narayan


    Helen Sewell - 'The Bears on Hemlock Mountain' by Alice Dalgliesh


    Alan Aldridge - 'There must be a Pony!' by Jim Kirkwood


    Edward Gorey - 'The American Puritans Their Prose and Poetry' Edited by Perry Miller


    Peter Mendelsund - 'The Flame Alphabet' by Ben Marcus


    Joe McLaren - 'Jane Eyre' by Charlotte Bronte


    Ben Jones - 'Fairy Tales' from the brothers Grimm


    Bill Bragg - 'The Human Factor' by Graham Greene


    Edel Rodriguez - 'Home and Exile' by Chinua Achebe


    Elena Giavaldi - 'Night Thoughts' by Sarah Arvio 

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